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About Gnarly

Who is GNARLY?

At GNARLY we never settle for second best. Proud Australians, we are a 100% True Blue Aussie company. GNARLY is modern in every aspect, a new brand, with a new way of doing things. We challenge the norm, not simply for the sake of being different but because we believe there is a better way.

We believe people should be encouraged to live a full life, play hard, work hard, value mateship and always chase their dreams. Yes, of course, we ride bikes, doesn’t everyone? But that isn’t why we do what we do. GNARLY’s foundations run deep. A collaboration of mates from within the bike industry, likeminded people with a vast wealth of experience, focusing their individual talents and abilities with the goal of achieving amazing things.

What is GNARLY?

We all are aren’t we? Well at least we want to be and all Gnarly products are designed to help you become your best out on the trail. High quality products that are designed to enhance your riding experience and become better mountain bikers. Whether it’s hitting the tails with mates on the weekend, or battling for podiums, Gnarly will help you get there. Get Gnarly… Be Gnarly!

What does GNARLY do for its community?

The GNARLY RIDERS program is an international launch pad for aspiring riders, it’s about saying thank you to the community that supports us and believes in us, it’s about giving back and offering others a helping hand.

The first step in establishing a successful career is getting noticed, once noticed, it is then a matter of how bright you shine. The GNARLY RIDER’s program is an opportunity for aspiring riders, to show everyone what they can do on a bike and who they are as a person.

Becoming a Gnarly rider is not about the money, they are at the beginning of a possible career and there will be a lot of hard work, commitment and riding ahead of them before they achieve their dream.